Chris Holloway


Business Development/

Project Manager/


With over 7 years of experience in the films & graphics industry, Chris leads Surface 9's overall business development and growth in the Austin and Central Texas regions.


Chris has a unique ability to dream big dreams! He finds his fulfillment in being inspired and thinking outside the box.


He has a strong sense of attention-to-detail and always pours immense passion into everything he puts his name on. He's a visionary, a creator, and a developing leader for his team, company and community.


He aspires to drive Surface 9 to be the absolute leader in the architectural graphics and design industry. To be known by others as a company which inspires and brings immense value to clients and partners alike.

His ultimate vision for the company is to use it's continued success to give back to the community and help others in need.

Cindy Brio


Director of Operations/ 

Head Estimator/

General Badass

Cindy Brio joined Surface 9 in the Fall of 2018 as our new Director of Operations. Some say, she has special skills as a ringmaster, and we agree.

While overseeing day-to-day operations, Cindy develops and initiates new policies and procedures to keep us in step with industry changes. She is as creative as she is detail oriented, and as such, she manages a multitude of client projects with that special “grace under fire, throw me whatcha got” kind of attitude. Though her desk is piled high with virtual stacks of files and requests, her robust laughter reminds us that work can be fun.

Generally regarded as a rock star in the area of building strong client relationships, super friendly Cindy is equally comfortable hiding in the back office, crunching through plans and throwing out proposals. When not slinging numbers, wrangling projects, and generally holding down the fort, Cindy enjoys facing her fears of the stage as an actress and improviser in Austin’s local theatre scene. Her love of coffee is shadowed only by her love of family and other human beings. Call sometime- she’ll meet you for coffee and she takes it black!

Michael Holloway


Assistant Project Manager/

Lead Installer

Michael is the Assistant PM and Lead Installer for Surface 9 with over 3 years of experience.

His primary focus is delivering quality graphics solutions to clients in an efficient and precise manner.

As a Texas native, Michael is familiar with the high standards of work and communication that our partners in the architectural sector require. He works with them directly to ensure that all project expectations and requirements are exceeded.

He strives to give the highest quality product to our customers and we're happy to have him on board.

Phone: (512) 672-6700

Email:   hello@surface9design.com

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