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Increase Building Value with a Façade Makeover

We restore outdated CRE buildings through the use of high-performance exterior window film and vinyl.

Over time, buildings become tired and dated, leading to low occupancy and high energy costs. Through modern materials and design, Surface 9’s building reimaging services can renew your edge in the marketplace by improving your building’s performance, appearance, and NOI.

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Modern Design & Appeal

  • Compete with new CRE

  • Attract higher quality tenants

  • Uniform building appearance


Reduced O&M

  • Save 10% monthly energy

    • 19 kWh/ft2 (Single pane)

    • 12 kWh/ft2 (Double pane)


No Tenant Disruption

  • Nights & weekends

  • Exterior applied

  • Approx. 5000 square ft per day

Value & Profitability

  • Command higher rental rates

  • Increase occupancy

  • Increase retention rate


Attractive ROI

  • Expected 1–3 years

  • Local Energy Rebate

  • 7–15x less than re-glazing


Tenant Comfort

  • Block 83% heat gain

  • Fix "hot spot" issues

  • Reduce glare




Top 5 Benefits:

  • No Tenant Disruption

  • Higher Heat Rejection

  • Faster Payback (1–3 yrs)

  • Uniform Glass Appearance

  • Warranty 7–10 years

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Lasts 8 to 10 Years

Unlimited Colors

15x Less than Replacing

Fix Mismatching Glass

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